Share your creations!

We like art and creation and also like to share and play games!

Get 2 boxes of Frog Chalk Markers for free when you submit 8 images using Frog Chalks!

How does it work?

The rules of the game are really simple:

  • Proof of purchase on Amazon (when starting your membership just insert the purchase number). If you haven’t purchased your markers yet, here’s where you can get them: Frog Chalks on Amazon!
  • One person can play this game only once (but there are more ways to get free Frog Chalks… stay tuned!)
  • Submit 1 image per week for 8 weeks
  • Images get approved manually by us (read details below on what type of images you can submit).
  • The art must be created by yourself!
  • In each image you are sending us there must be a proof that you used Frog Chalks to create it. This is as easy as showing a Frog Chalk marker or the box somewhere in your picture.

That’s it!

1 images per week for 8 weeks and we send you 2 boxes of Frog Chalk Markers for free! That’s a value of $39.98!!

We love seeing artistic creations and we won’t stop you from uploading more than 1 per week, of course! But only 1 per week counts in this game.

What kind of drawings can I submit. Well, it could be as simple as a cool menu….

Tips: keep it clean!

What you agree to when submitting your images to us?

By submitting these images to us you agree that we will be able to share those images on this site, through our social media websites and in other promotional items such as Youtube videos. We will never sell your images but simply share them to the world! If someone decided to sell your images, we will not be responsible for this and you should contact that person directly. But again, we will never sell it.   


Start sharing!


Share Game FAQ

The picture must be clear enough to see the drawing’s details to be approved.

What if my image doesn’t meet the requirements?
We would then reply to you and give you tips on why it wasn’t approved

Can my drawing be rejected because of the art skill level involved in it?
No! This is a game for everyone to play. We’re only asking that you do an effort and present

No racism, no violent images, no pornographic images,


If you think we did a great job, please leave us honest feedback on Amazon. We really like to hear what you have to say! We listen and always strive to do our best to improve our products and services. We’re a small family business and would love to hear from you on Amazon.

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