How to use your markers

Tips and Suggestions on how to use your Frog Chalk Markers

Basic instructions:

  1. First Use: With marker tip held up, gently press tip to release pressure.
  2. Shake well with cap on before each use. Cap and tip should be held up.
  3. Press tip for a few seconds until tip fills with ink. Recap tightly and store horizontally after each use.

Suitable for Vinyl Chalkboards, Glass, Plastic, Metal, Glossy Board, LED Boards and Non-Porous Surfaces.

Warning: Not for traditional or painted chalkboards. Do not use on painted surfaces. Please test in a small area first before using.


Make sure the cap is completely sealed when finish using the marker. Also, when taking a short break, recap right away. It’s always better to recap as soon as you are not drawing.

When changing the reversible tip, first make sure that the pen tip is point up, then pull the tip and switch it side. Second, make sure that the tip is back in its original place.


Would you like more tutorials on how to use the markers? Please send us your suggestions at

Thank you for using these great markers!